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Commercial Plumbing

Our commercial plumbing department makes sure that your job is done correctly, to code and will not interfere with your daily operations. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to this type of work. And have experienced plumbers who know the difference between a home job and a commercial quality plumbing job.

Explore the types of commercial work that we do and if you have any questions please call us today!

Office Buildings

We have two types of office building work that we do regarding plumbing.

  1. Remodel/New Construction – We are experts at installing and setting all new or remodelled plumbing for commercial office buildings and spaces. These spaces usually consist of bathrooms, break rooms and janitorial facilities.
  2. Recurring Plumbing Maintenance – We have several clients in the Waco area that keep us as their go to plumber for clogged drain, toilets, leaky faucets, and every other plumbing need that may arise. The benefit to this recurring relationship is that your employees, managers and/or tenants do not have to call you in order to get a plumber. They already know that White’s Plumbing is who they automatically call when there is a problem.

Apartments, Townhomes and Multi-Unit Properties

This is similar, yet different, to residential plumbing. It is definitely work taking place in someone’s residence; the difference is that the resident and the owner of the property are two entities.

We are Waco’s top plumber for landlords and property owners. Our professionals make sure that the job is done correctly, protect your assets, guard against risks, and can inform you of the condition of your property.

It is very important that the plumbing in your rental property is working perfectly, as some tenants may, legally, use it as cause not to pay rent. Call us today and make sure that you are not exposed.

Restaurant Plumbing Services

Restaurants are full of plumbing, both gas lines and water lines. There is also a high demand for hot water. If you have sub-par plumbing in your restaurant it leads to wasted time, deteriorated quality of food and working conditions and unhappy employees and patrons!

The restaurant industry has one of the highest failure rates and part of that is due to plumbing facilities that cannot meet the demands either in quality or volume to serve people. Think about it…. you need to fill pots, need filtered water for cooking, wash dishes, provide restrooms and serve drinks…quickly, frequently and of the highest quality. Don’t let your plumbing hold your back or hurt your business.

White’s Plumbing will make sure that all of your plumbing needs are met and planned for in your restaurant or bar.

Banks and Vacuum Tube Plumbing

Banks have many of the same plumbing needs as office buildings. White’s Plumbing is of course the best choice for those needs.

But what makes their plumbing needs special is their banking vacuum tubes. These tubes are a part of the plumbing system. Our professionals are all trained in just how to set up, fix and maintain these systems.

White’s Plumbing is the plumber of choice for local Waco banks.

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