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Kitchen Remodel

Real Estate experts in Waco’s fixer upper market agree that the number one and first improvement you should make to your home is a Kitchen Remodel.

Nothing will improve the value of your home more consistently that a new counters, updated sink with garbage disposal, a refrigerator with built in water line for filtered drinking water and ready available ice, a new island with its own sink, washing station for the food prep. And we all love our gas ranges and ovens. For all of this you will need a professional plumber from White’s Plumbing to make sure all your water lines, drains and gas lines are properly planned, installed and connected.

A poorly installed or remodeled water line or drain can end up ruining the entire remodel. White’s Plumbing professional plumbers will also make sure that you get a high quality garbage disposal that is installed for perfect operation.

While a misinstalled water line or drain can cause damage to your home, a wrongly installed gas line can cause sickness, fire and/or death. White’s Plumbing insists that all homeowners have their gas lines professionally plumbed in by one of our licensed plumbers. Don’t risk your’s or your family’s lives. It’s just not worth it.

Have your kitchen remodel professionally plumbed, so you can enjoy your new space without the worry! White’s Plumbing is Waco’s leading kitchen remodel plumber.

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