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Foundation Leak Repair

Shifting soil can cause water and sewer line breaks in or under your foundation. Make sure that you have your home inspected for a plumbing leak before it turns into a full blown foundation repair!

Most homes in the Waco area and Mclennan County are built on a slab foundation with the water lines and drains embedded in the concrete. The homes are built this way to protect your home and plumbing from the shifting of the unstable clay soil. Sometimes however the shift in the soil will cause a crack or a break in a water line or sewer pipe, White’s plumbing can help with early detection of minor leaks before they become bigger issues and repair of any size or urgency!

Early detection of any water leak can save you time, money and heartache. A White’s Plumbing Technician can help you detect a leak before it becomes a major problem for you and your family. Here is how you can detect a water leak in your foundation and know when to call a plumber:

  • If your water bill is unusually high.
  • Is there discoloration of your flooring in a particular spot or pattern?
  • Watch for cracks in your foundation.
  • Consistent pooling of water near the edge of your house or foundation.
  • Is there a constant odor in an area of your home or yard?
  • Does the grass in one area grow particularly fast next to your home?
  • Is there a warm spot in your floor?

If you have noticed any of the above warning signs of a plumbing leak call a plumber immediately! One of our licensed techs will come right over. The water lost from a leak the size of a medium point pen is approximately 360,000 gallons! Even a small leak will affect your water bill and can cause further soil shift and expensive foundation repairs.

Here at White’s Plumbing our technicians are always available to come do a full water leak and drain leak inspection. We believe that preventative plumbing is key to protecting yourself from a huge plumbing repair.

White's Plumbing can fix your foundation leaks

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