Water Purification Filtration

In Waco the city does a decent job of cleaning the water that it supplies to it’s citizens, but it is still a good idea to get a water purification system for both your drinking and non drinking water. It is simpler, more convenient and more affordable than buying bottles of water or using a purification pitcher.

White’s Plumbing offers several water purification, filtration systems to best fit your needs. One of our trained professional plumbers can walk you through the pros and cons to help you make the best decision for your Waco home.

For some people a whole home filtration system is exactly what they want for their home plumbing and water supply. This makes it safe and delicious to drink out of any faucet in the house, no odor in the shower and protects their pipes from build up, scaling and deterioration caused by the chemicals and sediments found in municipal water.

You can also opt for an under the sink water purification system that works at a specific faucet or set of faucets in your home. This is slightly more affordable and provides you with an endless supply of purified drinking water.

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